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What is VOOV and what is VOOV’s purpose?

VOOV (Veterinary Concern for victims of domestic violence, Veterinär Omtanke Om Våldsutsatta) is a Swedish non-profit organization founded by veterinarians and veterinary students in Uppsala in 2009. The organization’s purpose is to help victims of domestic abuse leave abusive relationships by temporarily caring for the victims’ pets by placing the pets in temporary homes when the owners are in domestic violence shelters that don’t allow pets.

Few of the protected accommodations for victims of domestic abuse in Sweden allow pets in the buildings because of allergies. Allergies to animals are common in the population.

VOOV is a national organization that can be found locally in several places around the country. For more information, see contact information to the local VOOV organizations

Need help?

The requirement for VOOV to take care of an animal is that the owner has actively started to leave the abusive relationship.

VOOV is bound to secrecy and you can reach the local VOOV organization through the women´s shelter, the police or the social services, in the location where VOOV operates.

VOOVs foster homes are free of charge but you have to pay the running cost of the animal, such as food, insurance, veterinary care and so on. When you leave the protected accommodation the pet returns to your possession.

Kvinnofridslinjen is a national helpline for women who have been subjected to threats and violence. Relatives and friends are also welcome to call for support. The line is open around the clock and your call is free of charge. Your call will not appear on the telephone bill for your protection. Call 020-50 50 50. Kvinnofridslinjen also has information about how to contact VOOV.